Statement of Purpose and Values


The Greenhouse: A Learning Center for Missionary Children

This educational cooperative is an association of teaching staff and families whose goal is to provide an education for their children in a classroom setting. The purpose of The Greenhouse is to provide group experience, curriculum and resources for SIL and other expatriate missionary families. It is further hoped that the availability of The Greenhouse will allow parents to participate more fully in the work God has called them to do in Cameroon. 

The Greenhouse program has the following core values:
— Quality education with a Biblical worldview

— Group learning experience highlighted in our Joint Learning Sessions

— Cooperative parental engagement

—  Teachers and staff displaying Christian character in good standing with their church/mission

— Shared educational resources and curriculum

—  Honoring our multicultural diversity

—  Awareness and integration of Third Culture Kid (TCK) and Missionary Kid (MK) education 

The Greenhouse serves students in Preschool through grade 6. However, it may not operate for all grade levels if teachers are not available.