100th Day of School

Friday, January 29, 2021, we celebrated our 100th day of school!

We celebrated in lots of ways! (Don’t tell the kids they were doing math most of the day!)

Kindergarten class started the morning by finding 100 numbers hidden around the room.

Then made their snack of 100 items – 10 each of 10 different things.

Show-n-tell – 100 items brought from home.

Building a city with 100 blocks-

We can read 100 words!

The 2-4th grade classes were torn – should we dress up as 100-year-old people or as people from 100 years ago? We had some of each!

100 pieces of cereal, 100 Legos, 100 fingerprints, and 1-0-0 creations!

Practicing future tense & predicting…”In 100 years from now, God…”

5-6th grade classes were challenged to build a feudal village with 100 index cards. They could fold and tape them, but not rip or cut the cards.

They also practiced estimating, predicting, weighing, counting & measuring items.

Only 75 more days to go!

Published by The Greenhouse - FES

The Greenhouse - FES is an elementary school for expatriate missionary children in Yaounde, Cameroon which includes a day school and homeschool support.

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