Countdown to the End of GREENHOUSE

The last 10 days of the school year, we had a countdown using the letters of our name “GREENHOUSE.” Each day we had a special activity to help the kids stay engaged for the last two weeks of the school year.

G is for Games on the Green

R is for READ!

We built some forts in the library and the classes took turns having some extra quiet reading time.

The teachers even participated!

E is for “Eat a Special Snack”

The students enjoyed eating Red Tampicos during their afternoon recess.

E is for “Extra Long Recess”

N is for “Nice or Night Clothes”

We also had our Character Award Presentations that day. Some kids were dressed up and some were ready for bed!

H is for “Hide and Seek”

O is for “Outside”

The students enjoyed having classes meet outside today.

U is for “Upside Down”

S is for “Stuffed Animals”

Students were encouraged to bring their favorite stuffed animal to school with them today!

E is for “Exit


Pinning Ceremony – Each child has a safety pin with their initials on it. If they are leaving the city, they move their pin on the map to where they are going. Students in 6th grade moving on to middle school move their pins to the RFIS block.

Praying for the families who are leaving!

Have a great summer!

Published by The Greenhouse - FES

The Greenhouse - FES is an elementary school for expatriate missionary children in Yaounde, Cameroon which includes a day school and homeschool support.

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