April 2016 Joint Learning Session

Twelve teaching days in April brought home school students and  The Greenhouse students together in the classroom as well as learning volleyball skills and about five different musical instruments.  It was a full session with lots of activity and lots of fun!

Here are our students and staff!

The Serious Look… as requested by the grade 5 & 6 students
The preschool class with Miss Heidi
IMG_6274 (1)
The kindergarten class with lead teacher Mrs. Lee and Miss Grace
IMG_6271 (1)
The grade 1 & 2 class with lead teacher Mrs. Dawson and Miss Heather
IMG_6267 (1)
The Grade 3 & 4 class with lead teacher, Mrs. Ayotte, Miss Heather and Mrs. Beck
IMG_6277 (1)
The grade 5 & 6 class with Mrs. Lane

Published by The Greenhouse - FES

The Greenhouse - FES is an elementary school for expatriate missionary children in Yaounde, Cameroon which includes a day school and homeschool support.

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