August JLS 2022

We started off the school year with a bang as always with our August JLS. This is a three-week session where our homeschooling families join the Greenhouse classrooms and our classroom teachers start off the year with special three-week units. This year we had many different and exciting things going on in each classroom and for our specials.

The history unit for this JLS was Ancient China. The students put together timelines, learned about the different dynasties, studied maps, and made crafts that helped them learn about the important cultural elements of the era. Many of the classes ended their history studies with a feast that reminded them of the many things they had learned about China in the last three weeks.

The main specials for these three weeks were MK 101, knot-tying, and basketball. We are so blessed to have the pavilion to meet in for most of our specials. In MK101 the students learned about what it means to be an MK, what home means to them, and how to continue to make friends. For knot tying the students started by tying their shoes and making paracord bracelets. They very quickly progress to more knots that they could use for a variety of things such as carrying buckets, tying ladders, and pulling cars! They ended their knot tying week with a relay race to practice their skills. In basketball, the students practiced their skills with a variety of drills. By the end of the week, they were playing a full game and learning how to work together as a team!

We have had a great start to the year and we are so excited for the rest of the year. A huge thank you to all of the parents who helped pull together all or the specials, watched the students during lunch, coordinated our lunches, and ordered our school shirts. This school community is a big blessing to us all!

Published by The Greenhouse - FES

The Greenhouse - FES is an elementary school for expatriate missionary children in Yaounde, Cameroon which includes a day school and homeschool support.

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