New Preschool Room

During the last school year, we decided that the rooms we used for our specials and preschool were just too small to be useful. For preschool–the teacher had to always clean things up before getting the next activity ready. Then whenever someone had to use the bathroom, help had to be called or the kids were sent on a large adventure by themselves down a large flight of stairs. The other specials room (when you had 15 kids in it for art) had no room to even walk around the chairs to get new supplies or check what a student was doing. There was also no sink close to wash up hands or materials.

Old Preschool Room
Old Art/French Room

Over the school year, the team at the CAM shop, together with the school came up with a plan of how to improve the room. They tore down the wall in the middle of the rooms, built a bathroom, and tiled the floor. Right after school got out, a visiting family moved all of the preschool materials and tables into one of the classrooms for summer storage. The CAM workers got right to work the following Monday and jumped right in. After running into a few issues (normal for any construction project) they finished right on time before school started.

Now the preschool room is a beautiful space; full of light and room for our preschool class to play and explore! They are able to have many different exploration areas to play with, a separate circle area, room for the dollhouse, and a safe space to calm down. Having the bathroom in the room makes the day more fun and safe for everyone. This space is such a blessing and was a big summer project!

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The Greenhouse - FES is an elementary school for expatriate missionary children in Yaounde, Cameroon which includes a day school and homeschool support.

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