100th Day of School

Friday, February 24th we celebrated our 100th day of school. Every class chose to celebrate in a different way. Kindergarten class counted to 100 by 1s and 10s and made necklaces with 100 beads. The Second Grade class dressed like 100 year old people. They also had items in bottles – they had to guesstimateContinue reading “100th Day of School”

And the wall came tumbling down…

During the school break in July, a neighboring property built a wall…directly beside our current wall. Because of the construction of this wall, the water was not able to drain away from our property the way that it previously did. In September, we realized that the water was now draining through the wall in veryContinue reading “And the wall came tumbling down…”

The Amazing Squad Egg Drop

As part of the 1/2 grade science class, the students were tasked to drop an egg off the balcony without it breaking. The first day – they tried with plastic Easter Eggs. The second day they used hard boiled eggs. The final test on the third day was with real eggs. Unfortunately – all theContinue reading “The Amazing Squad Egg Drop”

2019-2020 Greenhouse First Semester Teachers

Back row (l to r): Elizabeth Roettele – 1/2 gradeRenee Isaac – Kindergarten & FrenchLori Shinar – 1/2 grade Front row (l to r):Barb Lane – 5/6 gradeChristy Carmean – FES CoordinatorMelissa Dillenbeck – 3/4 gradeRachel Penkoff – 4 year old Preschool So thankful for these ladies and all their hard work, creativity, and energy!

3/4 Grade Pizza Biographies

The 3/4 grade class has been reading biographies this quarter. Each student chose a different person to read about and study. After they read the books, they did a “Pizza Biography” about their person. A local pizza shop donated boxes for them to use for their reports. At the end of the unit, (May 4th)Continue reading “3/4 Grade Pizza Biographies”

Class of 2025

We spent some time celebrating these students and their accomplishments yesterday (April 22). Mrs. Santos challenged all the students to keep pressing forward into what God had next for them. Keep running the race set before them. Mrs. Lane spoke individually about each student – their personalities, their strengths, possible professions that might fit them,Continue reading “Class of 2025”

Pineapple Plantation Field Trip

On Friday, November 17th, The Greenhouse took a field trip to a village outside of Yaounde to visit a pineapple plantation. Pastor Valentine, known as Pastor Pineapple to the local people, is growing pineapples to help support his family while he is starting a new church. Every family was given a pineapple plant to takeContinue reading “Pineapple Plantation Field Trip”