Start of JLS – Parent Led Fun Day!

In order to allow teachers to prepare for December Joint Learning Session (JLS), we spent Friday, December 3 as a Christmas Themed Parent Led Fun Day. After practicing for the upcoming Christmas Program, the students were divided into groups and could rotate through the stations. MK 101 was one of the stations for the dayContinue reading “Start of JLS – Parent Led Fun Day!”

“E” is for Egg

The Kindergarten class welcomes the Pre-K 4-year old class to join them on Wednesday mornings. Today they looked at the letter E! Art Project Science Experiment What happens if you put an egg in water? What happens if you add salt to the water? Math Activity After reading the Humpty Dumpty story, students must predictContinue reading ““E” is for Egg”

Christmas Program

This year, we combined our JLS Christmas Program with the International Church of Yaounde’s (ICCY) worship service on Sunday, December 15th. The 3-year old preschool sang in French: Bonjour, Les Amis and Noël, Noël. They were a bit nervous to be in front of all of those people. The 4-year old Preschool and Kindergarten classContinue reading “Christmas Program”

August JLS 2019 Highlights

It is so hard to summarize all the fun and learning that took place during our August Joint Learning Session. We studied Ancient Egypt, did research reports, played basketball, did art projects, and SO much more. 5/6 Grade Class– A few of their highlights were studying the human body and did research reports on anContinue reading “August JLS 2019 Highlights”

Our Staff, 2017-18

Every year, the make-up of our staff changes a bit.  Some are in Cameroon long-term, some for a few years and some for just one year.  For however long each person is here, we know that God brought them to work with us for just this time…for just this class and these students.  God isContinue reading “Our Staff, 2017-18”